"Its great to see you master Zhuge Liang. I hope you are well. Is there anything you need me to do?" He smiled awaiting the and duties to be done from his lord.


”I thank you, Guan Ping. Like your brother, Guan Suo, you are indeed of a kind and strong heart. I believe I have also given to him the words that are needed for yourself. You also happen to be a worry upon the mind, currently

I trust that you are also well and will return to us safely. Your allies. Your friends. You are truly missed by each of them. In the meantime, I would ask that you stay safe and think of those who truly miss you.

Once more, I thank you for your kindness.”



”Ah, indeed. How can I forget a pleasant face such as yourself? You will have to excuse the lack of my presence. I have been somewhat preoccupied with certain matters.” The strategist would lightly chuckle to himself, lifting a hand to pat the head of the younger male.

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”A truly pleasant surprise, young Guan Suo. I thank you. Though, I find ”cute” a rather strange word to describe myself. I wish to inquire of you though, if you will kindly pardon and excuse the change of subject?

It would seem as of late that your presence seems to have disappeared from my very line of sight. Please, I would ask that you stay safe and return to us when you surely can. You are truly missed.”

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”The pleasure is indeed in return that of a pleasant one, Lady Oichi.” The appearance of an emotionally masked but soft smile crossed those thin lips. The gentle closing of pale lids hiding wise, brown hues from view.

"May I ask who you are...?"


The Sleeping Dragon would gently nod towards the young lady, in form of recognition. Even though he was quite unsure of her person. ”Ah, greetings. Indeed, you may. You may refer to myself as Zhuge Liang. Curiosity happens to approach the mind. May I in return ask of yourself?” The thinly-masked smile laced the corners of the strategist’s lips. The slight upwards movement of both corners. 

Wary eyes(though lacking any sense of visible thought from prying eyes)would look upon the odd repetitive letter, seated upon the table before him. Matters of great importance had quickly arisen before him. The Sleeping Dragon even more so guarded than before. The slight raise of one jet-ink brow. ”Intriguing. I know not of what you seem to refer to. I can only apologize, for I cannot guide you towards the path of the one mentioned by yourself.”

Any sense of emotion would be extremely hidden from view. It would seem that the mention of an 'old friend' would require certain precautions. One pale hand now gently sweeping the letter to the side, carefully and without harsh movement. The guarded thoughts circulating around the hidden view of his mind. ”I had indeed predicted the appearance of your presence. I shall indeed respond with further action-.. If required. I would only hope that you happen to heed my warning.” Again, the soft tone usually whispered from thin lips clearly was replaced. A tone of a serious, emotionless nature, even though still quietly spoken.


this is how we roll….


this is how we roll….

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“I don’t- what- how ?”

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It was clear that Zhuge Liang simply didn’t get along with the poor, misunderstood Wei Yan. Communication issues were clearly the problem. It wasn’t really Wei Yan’s fault, but the Sleeping Dragon still seemed to judge him for his poorly spoken use of speech. ”Ah, I am surprised you know of the word. Well done, it would seem that you are indeed ‘improving.’ Though, I would advise you to choose such words more carefully. Particularly around myself.”